Website Hiatus

Hey folks! Merrick here with a little update regarding the website.

I handle a good portion of the gallery’s online presence, and have fallen behind on updating this website. Oops! That’s totally on me. I’m going to get back into working on it here over the coming Spring and Summer 2018 months, which will include not just getting caught up on recent (and upcoming!) shows, but also continuing the work of filling in our back catalog of exhibitions. Sequential Art Gallery opened in 2005 so there is a lot of stuff to fill in! So many talented artists have hung their work on these walls over the years. I have some other fun elements planned for this website so stay tuned and no doubt we’ll let everyone know when new features go live!

In the meantime, we continue to be fairly active over on our Facebook page (most notably, our First Thursday opening reception events). Or if you’re like us and are trying to get some distance from Facebook, we have also recently ramped up our posting on Instagram. Yes okay so that’s technically owned by Facebook, we know! If neither of those options suit you, please sign up for our monthly newsletter. And if THAT doesn’t work for you, well, you’ll just have to check back here, or wander down to the Everett Station Lofts on a First Thursday sometime to check out even more of the local art scene!

Thanks for continuing to support not just this gallery but also the Portland comic arts scene. We all appreciate it, and are trying to keep our game both fresh and strong to keep you coming back for more. Cheers!

~ Merrick