Jon Ascher’s original art from “NeIL”

In October we are proud to host Jon Ascher’s original work from the new graphic novel, NeIL. Jon spent over a decade writing, painting, and arranging the book, until he felt he achieved a balance of laugh-out-loud high jinks, disturbing morbid existentialism, and tear-jerking redemption. We watch the troubled character of Neil look for meaning in his life… until he starts to break down into a paranoia and suspicion that may–or may not–be justified.

The show opens First Thursday, October 6th, 6-10pm, and runs through the 29th.

On display will be the original paintings from the book, each measuring 20-by-30 inches. All art will be for sale, and copies of NeIL (published by Cackling Imp Press) will be available for purchase as well. 50% of profits from all sales of NeIL will go to benefit the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Jon Ascher is a starving illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. With NeIL complete and published, Jon is now working on a short story for Tales of Hot Rod Horror, Volume 2. The rest of his day is filled with illustration and design work, and serving as Media Director for the non profit group Portland Hearing Voices, advocates for people with mental conditions causing the phenomenon of hearing voices and other extraordinary experiences.