Black Portraits – 36 Photographs By Jaret Ferratusco

In November we welcome writer and photographer Jaret Ferratusco, presenting his photography exhibition entitled “Black Portraits”. Through this exhibit Jaret presents both photographic and literary considerations of the effects upon unsuspecting individuals who are struggling with overwhelming and drastic changes in personality through what may be termed clinical depression.

Opens: First Thursday, November 3, 2011, 6-10pm
Runs: Thursdays (3-7p) and Saturdays (11a-5p)
Closes: Saturday, November 26, 2011

He says in his show statement, “When your mood has shifted for the worse, when you are paranoid yet unmoved, the field of dreams scatters as if exploded, raining down again in a mess; commonly it’s unvoiced, unattended to. It burrows and grows silently.” Black Portraits will open November 3rd as part of First Thursday, with special musical guest Myrrh Larsen performing ambient rock throughout the evening. All photographs shot on 35mm film.

Jaret Ferratusco was born in New England in 1977. Having been a tour photographer on the road with various indie bands from one side of the country to the other for over ten years, he is the longtime proprietor of CORPSE ON PUMPKIN PHOTOGRAPHY, an independent photographic production company, as well as its newer, sister company, the fiction publishing endeavor PATIENT, FOLDED HANDS. He is the author of two books, 2009’s ‘I Grew Up In Amaltherey Hill’ and the recent summer release of ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’, a collection of dark fiction.