80’s Mix Tape – paintings by Yotaru Carasu

Celebrating its eleventh year, Sequential Art Gallery welcomes back artist Yotaro Carasu for his latest painting exhibition, 80’s Mix Tape. The exhibition opens First Thursday, September 1st, with an artist’s reception from 6pm to 10pm.



When working on pieces for his return exhibit, Carasu’s wife mentioned that his current work reminded her of the music they listened to while growing up in the 80’s. Inspired by this, Carasu continued painting, now thinking of the show as a visual mix tape. Carasu says “…each painting elicits a song or two in my mind, and the music dictates the mood of the painting.” The pieces’ bold colors and patterns accentuate the mix tape theme. And, of course: “Don’t forget to bring your Walkman,” Carasu jokes.

80’s Mix Tape is on display throughout the month of September.

Artist’s Statement

I had no theme for the show whatsoever this time. My clever wife pointed out that the paintings reminded her of songs in the 80’s. We both grew up in the 80’s, and I immediately got what she was saying. So the show itself is a visual mix tape. It is true that each painting elicits a song or two in my mind, and the music dictates the mood of the painting. I was trying to use bold, simple colors and patterns in this collection, and the idea of an 80’s mix tape fit the flavor nicely. I hope you enjoy the show.

Don’t forget to bring your Walkman.